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Chaitanya Vatika

Scope: Architecture & Interior

Built Up Area: 32,300 sq ft

Project Location: Althan, Surat.

Year: 2015 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar. Bhavesh Patel, Sagar Bhatt (as Architecture & Beyond)

Structure Design: M.K.S. Civil Project Consultant

Client: Soham – The Synergy


Facing challenges in terms of formulating, a building with settled planning was formulated keeping all the services behind the glass façade. Initially commercial building it was then swapped to banquet hall with guest rooms. It is the south side louvered and the north side glazed, functional public building. The façade detached the inside and the outside domains but also provides adequate light and a visual connection with the external side of the building.