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khodiyar restaurant

Scope: Interior

Built Up Area: 5000 sq ft

Project Location: Amroli, Surat

Year: 2018 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar.Drashti Patel, Sagar Bhatt, Kajal Rana, Kripa Khatri

Client: Mr.Jaimal Solanki


Located on the first floor of a commercial complex in a bustling location of the core city of Surat, the Khodiyar restaurant is a treat for the eyes, radiating the essence of Kathiyawadi culture. Adopting an innovative approach, the restaurant’s design is raw and rustic, leading to a strong and playful visual impact.

There are numerous interesting details here but the ceiling is, by far, the most eye-catching design feature. Above the main dining area, the ceiling is divided into 9 parts, each with unique amoeba-like irregular shapes treated in a different manner. The interesting thing is not just the pattern, but also the choice of materials and their application. Clay pots and plates of varying sizes, are painted and decorated, and carefully hung from the ceiling, so as to fit perfectly within the amoeba shapes. Ropes are woven in such a way that they seem to be stretching these shapes, creating a dramatic effect. LED lighting is seamlessly integrated into the design, highlighting the geometry of the ceiling. The entire assembly renders the restaurant with a colorful, artistic and vibrant look. The rest of the ceiling is designed in bamboo. The idea is to achieve a casual and dynamic ambience.

The restaurant, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere, serves as a perfect setting for authentic Kathiyawadi food.