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courtyard house

Scope: Architecture

Built Up Area: 27,000 sq ft.

Project Location: Adarsh, Surat.

Year: 2017 (Conceptual)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar. Krunal Jariwala

Client: Mr. Ashish Deora


Located in a posh locality of Surat, this residence is designed on a long and narrow plot with the central idea of a courtyard acting as the focal point of the entire design, filling the house with abundant natural light. The courtyard, which renders the house with both a dynamic quality and a peaceful charm, binds the entire house into a seamless whole and at the same time, defines the public and semi private areas on the ground floor. The upper floor has bedrooms overlooking the courtyard. All the spaces effortlessly organize themselves in the setting.