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Brick cape

Scope: Architecture & Interior

Built Up Area: 1250 sq ft.

Project Location: Surat.

Year: 2015 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Bhavesh Patel, Ar. Kruti Galia, Ar. Ashish Patel (as Architecture & Beyond)

Structure Design: M.K.S. Civil Project Consultant

Client: Mr. Raviraj Solanki


With a very minimalistic functional requirement from the client, the farmhouse was formulated as a form emphasized collage of elements. Truest to its nature the building has been perceived/ evolved as an envelope that is engaged with the craft of brick layer. The different entities of the building are harmoniously interwoven with the landscape on the front and the water body towards the back.


The masonry is intended as a single homogeneous skin that emerges out from the earth and envelopes the exterior sculpting a beautiful curve continuing as the roof above. Each course of brick as a pure surface expression is laid in perfect harmony and rhythm giving the building a very appealing look. The house exudes a candid personality with its intermix of the earthly exposed brickwork, the corrugated bridge and the slate stone claded pantry block. The whole house was conceptualised as one with rustic feel that maintained a contemporary age.