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Architecture & beyond studio

Scope: Interior 

Built Up Area: 902 sq ft.

Project Location: Ghod-dod Road Surat.

Year: 2011 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar. Bhavesh Patel (as Architecture & Beyond)

Appreciation: 2012 Among 15 finalists in the 'Designquest 2012' at National Level for Steel Box.

2012 Appreciated at International Level in WAN (World Architecture News) Awards 2012 in Workspace Interior Category as 'Highly Commended‘ Project for Architecture and Beyond Studio.

2013 Winner in Workspace (Small) at both Zonal and National Levels in IIID –Anchor Awards 2012 for Architecture and Beyond Studio.

2013 Winner in Furniture Design Category at both Zonal and National Levels in IIID – Anchor Awards 2012 for Architecture and Beyond Studio.

2015 Winner in Work Space Interior Category at Young Architects Awards Hubballi 2015 (National level) for Architecture and Beyond Studio.

2015 Architects Choice Award at Young Architects Awards Hubballi 2015 (National Level) for Architecture and Beyond Studio.

An office space that departs from the tradition of logical assembly of functions and attempts to create a secular and livelier environment  that engages the occupants with light, reflections, textures and further complimented by dynamic mechanism. The office stands on a busy road with residential edge on its side and vast test farms across. A small court leads to the office through a quiet walk which seems floating on the reflective lotus pond, with a small water spout breaking the silence. However there are many nuances of with which one gets engaged with whether it is the cascading exposed brick walls. The colours are honest expression of the materials, be it of metal, brick or wood.