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Scope: Architecture & Interior

Built Up Area: 6750 sq. ft.

Project Location: City Light, Surat.

Year: 2011 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar. Bhavesh Patel

Structure Design: M.K.S. Civil Project Consultant

Client: Mr. Ajay Pandya

Appreciation: 2010 Winner at M. K. National Award as 'Young Interior Designer of the Year‘

The residence is a small abode with low budget job, but as natural light is a complimentary resource, the building is flooded with natural light with the obvious exercise in math and shape. Along with that, we tried to create bright and clean interior spaces  to make one live in such a space for any epoch. High intensity hues in common and private spaces are result of Fengshui consultation which allowed us to experiment with darker shades.

The house almost charts the time of the day and the changing seasons through the play of light and shadows. To compliment the natural light, the housed adopts itself highly toned down earthy colours diffusing the right kind of light in the internal spaces to live in. All this have been done with a honest and humble approach to create an abode of emotive spaces, reflecting the year round seasonal transformations.