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Scope: Interior 

Built Up Area: 8689 sq ft.

Project Location: Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Year: 2008 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar. Bhavesh Patel (as Architecture & Beyond)

Client: Geo Global Resource Inc.

“A break from a modulized system in corporate culture. “

In corporate projects, clients always have an inbuilt image to use the modular system because of time constrains. Plus the time bound projects always have its constrains in creative exploration. Thus to divert the client to our conscious decision of using the customized system with material exploration, turns out to a free experimenting with space and materials, and also the priority is to satisfy the client at the end is the real challenge of the project. With the requirements of the client for work station, CEO office, meeting rooms, conference, library, laboratory, refreshment, rest rooms because of 24 hours working of the office. Vision communication seems to be an important requirement and transparency is an embodiment of today’s corporate culture. Thus the obvious display of this feature is the use of glass.