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Scope: Interior 

Built Up Area:  117 sq ft.

Project Location: Parle Point, Surat.

Year: 2014 (Completed)

Design Team: Ar. Ashish Patel, Ar. Bhavesh Patel, Shefali Balotia (as Architecture & Beyond)

Client: Mr. Ashish Maloo

To conjure up the same culinary treats, Love, Sugar & Dough has been designed accordingly. Various textures and colors blend together in complete harmony in such a tiny space. From the exposed woven brick masonry to the colorfully tinted glass panels, the space was conceptualized around like a perfectly baked cake.

It has a very interesting wooden element conceived brilliantly by carving out from sandwiched layers of ply wood exposing the true grains and textures. Just like a soft slice through the several layers and flavors of a pastry.

The design scheme is intended to add a bit of youthful zest to the area by using the elements in their truest forms, whether day or night, whether a shiny summer day or a gloomy monsoon evening, the space will always give you the same energizing and playful experience, both in your heart and your mouth.